Design Sprints

The Design Sprint is a method developed and proven by Google to efficiently create and test ideas and concepts. This method prevents getting lost in discussing details before even knowing if an idea or solution is the right one. By approaching a challenge through a Design Sprint, you break free from endless meetings and lengthy discussions, allowing you to take immediate action with a clear direction and focus.

Design sprint process

How does it work

Day 1 (Monday):
Exploration, problem analysis, and creating solutions

On this day, we thoroughly map out the problem. We achieve this by conducting interviews with experts who possess knowledge about the problem. The insights from these interviews are then transformed into sprint questions. Finally, we generate ideas and translate them into a few concepts.

Day 2 (Tuesday):
Choosing and refining

On this day, we decide which concept to pursue and how to proceed. We refine the chosen concept and create a storyboard for the next day.

Day 3 (Wednesday):
Prototyping and development

On this day, we focus on building a prototype (or another testable product). We also allocate time to prepare for user testing and/or interviews for the next day.

Day 4 (Thursday):
User research

On this day, we test the prototype with the target audience through user testing and/or interviews.

Closing (Retrospection):
Retro & Next steps

We conclude the week with a reflective session where we discuss the learnings and next steps.


Feeling just as excited about this unique tool as we are? We'd love to recap the advantages for you.

Within one week, clarity about the potential success of a product, service, or idea
Tackle the correct problem
Answer critical questions about the problem
Align all stakeholders' perspectives
Infuse fresh energy and momentum into your project
Srpint checktlist

“It’s what work should be about – not wasting time in endless meetings, then seeking camaraderie in a team-building event at a bowling alley – but working together to build something that matters to real people. This is the best use of your time. This is a sprint.”

Google sprint

Jake Knapp

Author of Sprint, developed at Google Ventures

Always the right solution for you

Whether you're aiming to launch a new product or service, streamline an existing process, solve a complex problem or roll out a campaign, our solutions provide the perfect fit.

Sprint package 1

Lightning Decision Jam

4 hour mini sprint
Problem analyses
High-level solutions
Prioritised actionlist
For clear, well-defined, relatively small challenges.
Sprint package 2

Bespoke workshop

Custom timeline
Tailored to your specific situation.
Focus on specific problems
Tangible outcomes
Report & coaching with next steps
For your specific challenges.
Sprint package 3

Design Sprint

4 day full sprint
Research + Problem analyses
Detailed solutions
User research
Coaching for the next steps
For complex, medium to large challenges

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We're would like to learn about what's happening within your organisation and the complex challenges you're facing. We're here to assist you.

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