Transforming challenges together.

We run workshops that enhance collaboration and guide you in devising solutions for your intricate challenges. Together, we foster innovation and tackle complex issues through these sessions. In doing so, we're joining forces to create a more beautiful world.

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Transforming challenges together

Why workshops?

Endless meetings filled with discussions about details, without really arriving at the right solution with actionable steps.

Sound familiar?

If so, then workshops are a great fit for you and your team. Workshops are the perfect way to swiftly tackle both big and small challenges. Together with your team, we'll analyse the problem, generate ideas, develop a prototype, and finally test it with the target audience. This way you can move forward with a clear direction and focus.

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Always the right solution for you

Whether you're aiming to launch a new product or service, streamline an existing process, solve a complex problem or roll out a campaign, our solutions provide the perfect fit.

Sprint package 1

Lightning Decision Jam

4 hour mini sprint
Problem analyses
High-level solutions
Prioritised actionlist
For clear, well-defined, relatively small challenges.
Sprint package 2

Bespoke workshop

Custom timeline
Tailored to your specific situation.
Focus on specific problems
Tangible outcomes
Report & coaching with next steps
For your specific challenges.
Sprint package 3

Design Sprint

4 day full sprint
Research + Problem analyses
Detailed solutions
User research
Coaching for the next steps
For complex, medium to large challenges

Who are we?

We are Sprint Lab, a workshop agency for organisations looking to make an impact alongside us. We believe in collaborating with like-minded individuals to shape a more beautiful and caring world. Through facilitating workshops, we assist organisations in finding solutions and fresh perspectives on complex challenges. Join the journey and uncover how we can support your organisation's goals.

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"In our collaboration with Sprint Lab, we linked diversity, equity, and inclusion to Design Sprints. The outcomes were truly groundbreaking. The approach not only brought forth different perspectives, but also ensured that you collaborate for results in an inclusive manner."


Madhu Mathoera

Founder Bee Top of Mind & author of "De inclusieve organisatie"

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Consequences of ineffective meetings.

Your brain feels fried. Another day filled with countless meetings. One meeting seemed to last forever, and everyone kept repeating themselves. You mentally checked out halfway through. You have no idea what the conclusion or purpose was. Tomorrow, you'll be more productive again... This phenomenon is called "Meeting fatigue."

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Design Sprints: What it is and isn't suitable for.

It's important to note that Design Sprints are not a magic solution, but rather a powerful tool to address issues and challenges within your product, process, or service. Additionally, they are highly effective for renewal and innovation projects to quickly ascertain if you're heading in the right direction. When are Design Sprints appropriate, and when might it be better to use a different method or tool?

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Applications of Design Sprints

Starting a new project can be quite daunting. Where do you begin? How do you ensure you're heading in the right direction? Innovating, refreshing, or enhancing your product or service might feel risky. It's like embarking on an unfamiliar journey without knowing how your customers will react. Design Sprints can provide a solution in this situation, especially because they're focused on rapidly gathering real-world information about whether an idea works or not.

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What's brewing?

We're would like to learn about what's happening within your organisation and the complex challenges you're facing. We're here to assist you.

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