About us

We are an agency that applies workshop techniques to a wide range of challenges, including (digital) product development, innovation, vision, and societal issues. Sprint Lab emerged from the desire to make a greater impact by assisting organisations in developing the right solutions and seizing promising opportunities. We aid you and your team in generating momentum and transitioning from problem to solution. We offer recommendations for next steps to ensure the workshops achieve its full potential. In essence, we're here to assist you and your team!

About us

Our collaborations

De Inclusieve Organisatie and Sprint Lab are teaming up to support companies in becoming more inclusive, equitable, and diverse. We offer both courses and workshops based on Design Sprints. This approach enables companies to swiftly turn their acquired knowledge into actionable steps, implementing improvements related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Our personal story

As someone who has always been deeply affected by the various hardships in the world, from inequality to war to climate change, the average news article always strikes a chord within my heart. As a result, I feel a strong desire to make the world a bit more positive and beautiful, filled with love rather than hate. This longing led to the creation of Sprint Lab.

As a facilitation agency, we assist organizations in solving diverse problems and creating value for others. Through collaboration, we aim to discover more sustainable solutions for complex challenges that have a positive impact on the world around us. In addition to product, service, and process development, we're passionate about addressing societal issues. This way, I can contribute my part to crafting a more beautiful and loving world.


Nadine Niehaus

Founder & Workshop Facilitator

What's brewing?

We're would like to learn about what's happening within your organisation and the complex challenges you're facing. We're here to assist you.

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